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    Hello Everyone

    Hello calton, welcome.
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    Expired: EstiBot Value: $640 USD Monthly Searches 2,740,000 (Exact): 40,500
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    Thanks for joining Limbonic

    Thanks for joining Limbonic
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    Expired: EstiBot Value: $560 USD Search Overview: Monthly Searches 4,400 (keyword): 74,000
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    Your Hosting Ads on This Website

    I would like to grow this website with collaborative advertising on this site and other related hosting websites. If you would like to have an advertisement on this website please add an advertisement on your website to this forum, somewhere where it is easy to see on your website, and I will...
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    First Forum

    This is a beginners area to welcome new members to the community. If you join this form, please stop inside here to introduce yourself to the community.
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    Community Discussion

    Yes, super nice stuff...... Upgraded version is even more 'awesomer!'
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    Expired: EstiBot Value: $ 1,700 USD Search Overview: Avg Search Results (keyword): 215,000
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    Moderators Wanted

    Looking for members who would be willing to help moderate the forum. Basic responsibility would be: Help approve new members (delete spammers). Help keep the forums clear of spam and spammers. Most spammers are caught by the registration functions but some sneak through which is why we...
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    Is Virtual Dedicated, Dedicated?

    No, it actually isn't. It's sort of like a dedicated machine, where you can create accounts and sub-accounts and act like a reseller of web hosting services, but it is not a dedicated environment. The environment is shared.
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    Choosing a Hosting Service

    Just updating this post. URL: has been changed into a standalone page now. Nore more hosting recommendations here. The companies were:
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    Hurricanes and Hosting Companies

    There was a huge Hurricane in Texas recently but it did not seem to interfere with any hosting companies which are in the state. At least, I have not heard of any issues from either Rackspace (Austin) or HostGator (Houston). Pretty amazing.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Be sure to introduce yourself when you join the form. I noticed some people sign-up but do not take the time to post an introduction. You should let all other members know you are here by telling us a little about yourself and what services or company you represent if you are with a business here.
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    Rules for this Forum

    Simple Rules of This Forum Area: Ads should be Suitable for Web Hosting Services. No outlandish and outrageous claims. Please just state the facts.
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    Cloud hosting

    If you use cloud hosting let me know what you like about cloud hosting accounts the best. What do you dislike the most. I haven't dabbled with cloud yet but am coming very close to trying out Rackspace cloud with RackConnect.
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    Which host is best?

    If you have been hosting sites for long, chances are you have used more than one hosting company so far. In your experience, which hosting companies do you like the most and why? For me, the most important things I look for are 1) uptime, 2) phone support, and 3) quick ticket response times.
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    WordFence WordPress Plugin

    If you run a website which uses WordPress you need to use this plugin. WordFence is a free plugin which scans your file system and prevents hacking attempts in a multitude of ways. I have been using WordFence on all WordPress websites and it works fantastic. There...
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    Expired: Domain just expired. All other TLDs taken. Estibot says it is worth $75.00 (Although extremely competitive niche) CPC: $22.62 USD!!
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    Expired: Domain just expired. All other TLDs taken. Estibot says it is worth $920.00 Avg Search Results (keyword): 23,000,000
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the community atman123. Thank you for signing up and joining the forum.