1. O - Premium UK hosting company

    At we do not consider our solutions as cheap or the best. cheap and best are relative terms. We try to give the best possible price and the best possible service we can offer. Currently we have following lines of solutions Cloud web hosting Economy Regular Delux Ultimate Wordpress...
  2. clasione

    Is Virtual Dedicated, Dedicated?

    No, it actually isn't. It's sort of like a dedicated machine, where you can create accounts and sub-accounts and act like a reseller of web hosting services, but it is not a dedicated environment. The environment is shared.
  3. clasione

    Why Dedicated

    Dedicated servers give you a lot more control of your envirornment than shared or virtual services and even the cloud. Having a dedicated machine ensures you are able to add or remove any server functionality you want without having to be concerned about effecting other customers on the same...
  4. clasione

    SSL Pending Install

    There will be an SSL installed on the forums within a day or so. I am just waiting for a dedicated IP address for the forum and then it is being installed.