Blocking for spam when notifying notifications in the directory.

I bought the script of the organizations and firms directory , flooded more than 2 million enterprises. During activation, each organization was notified.
As a result, the hoster is the whole site for spam. Went to another. He completely disconnected the entire account.
Where can I find a normal host that does not block for the newsletter? Or maybe there are some other workarounds?
By the way, the mailing list also gets spammed, even when it does. This is also not desirable.
In general, I wait for any effective advice on this issue.
In general, guys, I tried a few more hosters. I must say the situation is similar. I tried to set up a mailbox with their domain from them, but I must admit that their technical support leaves much to be desired.

I stopped at, there the mail is not blocked at KVM tariffs, and technical support quickly responds and helps solve any problems.

The only thing that in the first days I made about 30 thousand letters a day and on the third day noticed that my letters did not reach the major mailers, including, yandex, gmail and rambler. It comes only to mailboxes that are made on their domains, such as, and even then not all.

That, in general, was also not an option, since the majority of recipients are users of these mail services.

As it turned out, the blocking goes for spam over IP and the content of the letter. But thank God, the guys helped set up sending via smpt with the help of the msmtprc utility, which thanks to the hosters also helped to install and configure.

According to statistics, allows you to send no more than 1 letter per minute and blocks only the way.

Yandex no more than 150 letters per day. So I had to register several mailboxes on gmail, it turned out to be the most loyal and sending there at least 500 emails per day.

Basically, I registered 10 mailboxes on gmail and sort through them in order. So it takes about 3-5 thousand letters per day.

Thank God, the catalog developer has a paid module that allows you to make a customizable newsletter. Well, I used more tags in templates so that the text was more dynamic and the text itself was shortened.

Sending emails through registration really had to be turned off, and I already made the notification via distribution module.

I also wanted to order spam mailing, but I had from 2 million enterprises more than 700 thousand with mail. And the cheapest newsletter, which I found $ 1 for 1000 messages. This is to send all 700 I need at least $ 700. I do not earn so much. And if you consider that I will need to do it periodically, then you can go broke.

I tried several more paid smpt-servers, which do not seem to block. But they also do not protect from the IP block, and there is no technical support there, but it costs several times more expensive.

But in general, so far. If someone knows the server, where such problems do not occur, then please. Or at least how to make it so that the IP does not fall into the spam databases of Yandex, gmail, and ramblera.
Prompt, but how can I now check my mail for performance. It turns out that now I am sending messages to myself on yandex, gmail and There messages reach. But there are also many other mailboxes. You can somehow send a request from the server and get an answer. Type mailbox does not work, or in spam got. And on php to process it already and somewhere, let's say in the database. And then I could already see all the undelivered letters and analyze what and how and why.
I would be extremely grateful.