High End Super fast server required

Need help to choose reliable host with super fast processor:
Require over 3 TB of disk space. Linux. + 24/7 customer support service
Any info on these dedicated hosting providers ?
What can you also say about their dedicated server deals? Can I trust them or not?
I've been with Okayservers.com for 8 months now. I'm on my computer at least 70 hours a week and their support is always logged in for chat support. I have only had one instance of downtime and it was for about minutes. When I IM'd support they were there and got my sites back up in no time. Recommend this web host.
You will enjoy dealing with Okayservers.com Budget servers.
Their servers are very stable. Their support always ready to help...
So far, I haven't experienced any downtime, and the servers are fast.