Linux shared hosting services in Canada please?

I require:
15 gbs of HD, 500 GB of bandwidth, Linux + 24/7 customer support.
What can you say about this web host:
What about the quality of their Linux shared hosting services and their server stability?
What solution is better??
I've found support to be good. They respond quickly, know how to fix problems, spend an appropriate amount of time investigating and responding to issues. Very kind, easy to work with, and exceptional service and value.
I have been working hard these days on my website, so often have to upload and rest of stuff related to database, emails, etc. guys tolerate my things and some times I think I am asking so many things though paying very few bucks.
Really nice option for hosting any site in Canada and also reg .CA domains.
They offer everything for both the low level user up to the high traffic corporate sites. is one of the best in Canada.
Their website is professional and straightforward; they report the facts clearly and intelligently.