Offshore hosting service? VPS or Semi-dedicated Hosting?

How is Offshore hosting service?
What are your views? What host would you choose? Why?
Require hosting account with: helpful customer support 24/7,
130 gbs of Hard Disk, 3 TBs of bandwidth, Linux, Netherlands.
Any discounts or promos?
It has done a great job at evaluating the competition and narrowing it down to a handful of highly qualified services. is a well-known Offshore Hosting provider with powerful servers located in Europe >> Netherlands, Bulgaria, Sweden and Russia.
Semi-dedicated hosting is a special kind of shared hosting. Semi-dedicated hosting has all the features and benefits of shared hosting, but with only 15 customers per server. ... A VPS is similar to shared hosting in that multiple customers (usually around 10 – 30) share one server (also called a “node”).


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#4 and deals are good enough to sign up with.
Their technical support people are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and clearly take pride in their roles.
#5 is a world best VPS hosting provider that has been offering top quality managed hosting solutions for more than 24 years, and now handles 600,000 sites for more than 32,000 customers worldwide.
It seems to me and plans can be suitable for oyu.
Amazing tech support! They have quick and professional responds with knowledge to depend on, unlike other support. They are very polite when asked for help and fixing any issues for me immediately.