What are your views on auto-clustering solutions?

I am thinking to try Jelastic.com MySQL clustering solution for my online project in the Usa.
Do you know anything about their MySQL Group Replication mechanism?
They offer many applications I can install with one click and they are pre-configured for automatic scaling - sounds great.

Any info on them and their solutions?
I don't have much experience with other services, so it's hard to compare, but so far I've been impressed that my support tickets get answered quickly by Jelastic.com. Good range of price solutions and options for the novice to the expert. I am happy with the performance!
The benefits of auto clustering include:
  • No need to run manual operations to re-cluster data.
  • Incremental clustering as new data arrives or a larger amount of data is modified.
  • ETL pipelines consisting of DML operations (INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, MERGE) can run concurrently and are not blocked.
  • Users can resume and suspend automatic clustering on a per table basis, and are billed by the second for only the compute resources used.